Our Vision


Our vision provides the blueprint for our business and guides us to establish a solid foothold, to build a business based on sustainable growth that allows us to achieve our goals and objectives.

  • People: Be a center of excellence where staff are inspired to the best they can be
  • Product Portfolio: Develop and deliver a comprehensive portfolio of high quality security solutions that meet (if not exceed) expectations
  • Partners: Develop a cohesive and deep network of customers and suppliers where together we create mutual, enduring and real value
  • Profit: Maximize our potential and deliver long term, sustainable and consistent returns to our shareholders



Our mission is enduing and is the basis of our focus, our attention, our decisions and our actions.

  • To protect passengers, staff and servicemen from existing and emerging explosive threats
  • To provide high quality technological security solutions that can be deployed globally
  • To build a brand that is acknowledged to delivers affordable high quality security solutions
  • To create value and make a difference to make the world a safer place