Future technology

IMS equipment made by Eye on Air has significantly improved detection performance.
With the adjustments introduced by Eye on Air’s design volume throughput can be increased up to a few cubic meters per minute. The sampling system in Eye on Air IMS design can be adjusted so that higher volumes of air flow through a sensor module. The high throughput provides the extremely low limit of detection (LOD). The number of ionized analyte molecules, delivered to the sensor is proportional to the trace concentration, air flow rate and the gate time (the time interval the ions are allowed into the separation region).

The increase in the sampled air throughput from 0.1 L/min to 10 L/sec results in the signal rise of more than 6000 times and the corresponding decrease in the LOD. Our approach allows skipping the usage of different pre-concentration units typical for current IMS systems in use. The application of corona discharge as an ionizer leads to the higher efficiency of chemo-ionization of traces of targeted substances. This results in a stronger signal IMS and improved performance.

In addition, in the configuration we have developed noise signals are strongly reduced. This makes it easier for weak signals, originating from the target substances to be detected, measured and identified.

The technology finds a wide use for screening people and goods for illicit substances including explosives, drugs and chemical substances. Eye on Air devices are very sensitive while they can analyze higher volumes of air. The equipment can be integrated into existing HVAC structures. In the near future product range includes handheld devices and mobile kits.